Handbook of gastronomic tourism (Routledge)

One of my latest publications, I am really honored to be part of this wonderful work.Handbook of gastronomic tourism


Local products from the Canary Islands. This time El Hierro.

Local products from the island El Hierro, an amazing island full of wonderful landscapes. Try this kind of quesadillas and Support local products and economy.

Ceviche from Ecuador

If you have the chance, try it! Ceviche de camarón

Local food Market in San Francisco

I was amazed with this shop, it was everything about a humble food product such are mushrooms. They were delicate presented but also they teach you about this product. If you are in San Francisco do not miss this shop.

Gastronomic souvenirs from Italy

Wonderful food from Italy. Buy local!

Homemade donuts 

The place calls la donuteria,american homemade donuts in Barcelona.  A mix with local and exotic flavors.

Gastronomic souvenirs from Russia

Tasty chocolate! From Russia. Have you ever tried. A student of mine brougth me this wonderful souvenir.